Pathways of Transformation

Barbara Forest, Ph.D., will explain the Lifespace

  • integrative 7-step system of Life-Centred Transformational CounsellingTM
  • processes and underlying Life principles
  • key ingredients that make therapy (and life!) effective
  • Transformational Counsellor Training Program.

These Life-generative processes take people on a safely grounded, deeply healing and connecting journey.

TO REGISTER for this 2-hour Seminar and Orientation, send us the Online Application Form (click on Online Application Form), and also RSVP at

(This seminar will next be given late Fall 2017 or January 2018.)

(Click on Training Method for an overview of the Training Content, Training Style, and Origins.)

Location: In Toronto west end, just east of the High Park, south of Bloor St. TTC accessible, free parking on the street. Location details to be confirmed after registration.

Email us at to contact the Director and Core Instructor, Barbara Forest, to explore if the Program is a fit for you. Options: you can

  • ask your questions via email
  • have a phone discussion
  • follow up with a meeting in person
  • have counselling session(s) to personally experience the transformational processes

Trainee Tape Consultation with Barbara-4