All tuition fees are income tax deductible and HST exempt, since Lifespace is certified with Human Resources & Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) as an Educational Institution.

To register for the Program:

  1. When accepted into the Program, you give a non-refundable deposit of $264 to register for the Program. This non-refundable deposit not only secures you a place in the courses, but it also enables you to actually start your Program with whatever advance preparation you would like to do, and to have sessions with Barbara Forest at her reduced student rate.
  2. You work out with Barbara the extent of the advance preparation that you would like to do, and obtain the necessary materials and reading lists.
  3. Your set of Training Manuals costs $50.
  4. When you register, you also give a post-dated cheque for your first Core Course (minus the $264 non-refundable deposit) and for your first Group Practicum Course, post-dated for 2 weeks before the Core Course starts.
  5. Private Consultations are paid for as they are received.

Further details of the course and practicum tuition fees are currently being finalized, in consultation with the Co-Leaders.

Refund policy: The non-refundable $264 deposit to register for the Program (and to begin any advance preparation, including having sessions at the reduced student rate) is non-refundable. A refund of the remainder of the course fees will be given to participants who cancel two weeks before a course start date. Cancellations by you less than two weeks before the class start-date are non-refundable. Lifespace reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule for insufficient enrollment or for other unanticipated reasons. In the case of cancellation by Lifespace, you will have the course fee and deposit returned to you.

Transcript: an Official Transcript acknowledging hours of training completed (both in class and in practica outside of class) is available upon request. There are no minimum requirements for receiving an Official Transcript. Be sure to keep an ongoing record of all your class and practicum hours and dates.

Below: a Lifespace student consults with Barbara for feedback on a tape-recorded session of him as a counsellor.

Trainee Tape Consultation with Barbara-3


Core Course Certificates of Counselling Skills Acquisition are available on a course-by-course basis.

Each one involves completing the 6 monthly classes plus the monthly group practicum (or make-ups) for each course, plus a minimum number of hours in each of the individual practica. Students must demonstrate acquisition of the skills under study to receive each Certificate.

Note that each Certificate involves a fee for private consultations with Barbara Forest at her Lifespace student rate of $144 per hour. (Her usual fee is $180 per hour.) These are full 60-minute hours. Sessions with the Co-Leaders (at a lower rate) can substitute for some of these sessions.

Note: students have the option of choosing to work with an approved outside consultant who is versed in the processes under study, instead of with Barbara, for many of the required private consultations. In addition, some students might have their own therapist, outside of the Lifespace program, and are supported in continuing, as desired.

Trainer Certificates

Graduates and Advanced Students (who are working on completing their Certificates in Transformational Counselling) can work with Barbara and assist with the Core Courses to acquire Trainer Certificates. Or, they might wish Barbara to assist them with a training or mutual-help group that they are starting. Details to be worked out with Barbara.