Pathways of Transformation

4-Tiered Program

Learning and Implementing a Set of Powerful Skills for:

1. Personal Transformation

Healing Journey and Transformational Unfolding of Core Being

2. Transformational Relationship

Win-Win Conflict Resolution, Healing the Past, and Relationship Strengthening

3. Transformational Community

Building a Supportive Mutual-Help Network with Basic Helping Skills

4. Transformational Counselling

Guiding Others’ In-Depth Healing and Transformational Journey

Free Seminar Saturday September 15, 2-5pm.

Contact Barbara Forest, PhD, at to RSVP.

We are offering a special Program that reflects our love of Community (creating mutual-help networks), as well as of a deeply soulful, deeply healing, inner Journey of Transformational Unfolding. This page outlines all the aspects of this current Program, including content, schedule, fees, and application procedure:

Tier 1: Personal Transformation

  • A Journey of Personal Healing and Transformation.
  • Personal Empowerment: learning how to guide your own self and to take the transformational processes into your daily life.
  • Processes Learned:
    • Processes that deeply touch you inside, bringing you more Aliveness and Wholeness—and Oneness with the beauty of your Core Self.
    • Being more in touch with your ongoing intuitive wisdom: listening within.
    • You are the expert on you: finding the answers to life that fit you.
    • Transforming the limiting beliefs that cripple your life.
    • Resolving inner conflicts; e.g., transforming the critical inner Judge into a Protector.
    • Healing the past.

Tier 2: Transformational Relationship

  • Relationship as a vehicle for healing and the ongoing deepening of love.
  • Processes Learned:
    • Communication and win-win conflict resolution skills.
    • Strength realization on both individual and relationship levels.
    • Healing the wounds from the past, triggered by relationship.
    • Applying these skills to your own relationships.
    • Keeping fresh, alive, connected, and in love!

Tier 3: Transformational Community

  • Empowered community: the basic helping processes (such as, respectful listening) are skills that belong to everyone. They are also the foundation of a satisfying life—deeply connected within yourself and in your relationships.
  • Forming a Mutual-Help Network with real skills to help each other through the ongoing challenges of life. Plus, supporting each other’s continuously deepening personal growth.
  • Our motto: learning skills to help yourself and to help others help themselves.
  • Processes Learned (for a Certificate in Basic Counselling Skills): Basic helping skills:
    • Building an Inner Resource Base; Presence
    • Empathic listening, respect, and constructive authenticity
    • Facilitating the inner journey of connected self-realization, wholeness, and action
    • Win-win conflict resolution skills

Tier 4: Transformational Counselling

  • Deepening competence with the personal transformation skills, to guide a deeply healing and transformational journey for someone else.
  • Additional practice and supervision would be involved (for a Certificate in Advanced Transformational Counselling Skills).
  • The community Mutual-Help Network would be available as facilitative listeners for the ongoing life challenges and crises. Transformational Counsellors would then have their time freed up to do any needed additional in-depth therapeutic work.


The atmosphere is warm, non-judgmental, and encouraging. Our own personal work is an integral part of the process—learning how to help oneself, as well as others. We travel together—growing and healing—discovering a deepening and expanding wholeness. The person-centred empathic foundation of the program is also highly supportive of diversity and multiculturalism.

The focus is hands-on skills attainment, including step-by-step training manuals, demonstrations, supervised practice, and specific feedback. The processes to be learned are clearly spelled out.


The Full Program consists of four 6-month Core Courses given over a 2-year period.
A one-day class (10:30am–6:30pm) is held each month, on a Saturday or Sunday, 12 times per year.

However, we have developed a Condensed Program, so that you can obtain the essences of all these sophisticated skills in just 1 year:

  • 901 (Foundation Skills) will also introduce the win-win conflict resolution skills of 914 (we will go deeper with these in 914 in year 2).
  • Courses 934 and 923 will be combined, so that year 1 includes basic skills in both trauma work and in transforming hurt or blocking inner parts. Year 2 will then continue these courses at a still more advanced level.
  • The Training Manuals will also detail out all process steps for both the basic and advanced levels.

Group and Individual Practica accompany these classes:

  1. Group Practicum:

    Monthly 4-hour meetings (scheduled to fit the group) involving review and consolidation of the skills taught in the 1-day class that month, along with supervised dyadic practice.

  2. Individual Practica:
  • 1-to-1 Home Practice 2-way sessions with fellow students (ideally at least twice a month).
  • Private Counselling Sessions / Tutorials with the Trainers to deepen understanding and personal healing.
  • Private Tape Consultations with Barbara Forest, receiving feedback on tape-recordings of the 1-to-1 Counselling Practica with Lifespace Students (if desired—required for Certificate attainment). This feedback greatly facilitates learning the skills, and is especially important for those planning on using them in a counselling practice. If a student already has outside clients, then they can bring in tape-recordings of these for feedback, instead of with Lifespace students or as well.

2018–2020 SCHEDULE

Schedules can be re-negotiated, if all agree, once the group has gathered.
Keep in touch for upcoming Intro Seminar dates and any changes to the Course Schedules.

Saturday October 13, 2-5 pm, 2018.
(Click on Orientation for details.)
for this and the Courses is in the High Park area, west end of Toronto.
Directions are given when you register.
RSVP and register (or ask any questions) at:


  • Monthly classes, 10:30am–6:30pm (on Saturday or Sunday) with Barbara Forest & Co-Leaders.
  • Starting in November 2018, each of the 4 Core Courses lasts for 6 months, held in this order:
    • 901 (Foundation Skills): November 2018–April 2019. (Includes some 914 basics: Win-Win Conflict Resolution Skills.)
    • 923 basics (Transforming and Integrating Blocking or Hurting Inner Parts) and
      934 basics (Healing the Past and Releasing Limiting Beliefs): May–October 2019
    • 914 advanced (Deepening your Win-Win Conflict Resolution Skills; Strengthening;  Creating a Healing Relationship):  November 2019–April 2020.
    • 923 advanced (Deepening your Shadow Work with Wounded Inner Parts, plus how to use Dreams, Imagery, and the Expressive Arts in your Healing Work) and
      934 advanced
      (Deepening your Transformational Work, Trauma Work, and Belief work): May–October 2020.
  • Each course has a specific transformational focus. However, all material is interwoven, integrated, and responsive to students’ needs. (Click on Courses for more details.)
  • The full-day classes in 2018 are tentatively planned for: Saturdays Nov. 10, and Dec. 8. (Start time, schedules and course content have been evolving, to fit the emerging group.)
  • Make-ups are available if any class has to be missed. (Students can listen to recordings of the class session, plus make-up the practice aspects with fellow students.)
  • Monthly 4-hour Group Practicum meetings to be arranged as suits the group.


All tuition fees are income tax deductible and HST exempt, since Lifespace is certified with Human Resources & Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) as an Educational Institution.

Tuition Fees for 1 Year of Group Classes (full program is a total of 2 years):

  • $3840 each year for the 2 Courses [12 full days with Barbara Forest + Co-Leader(s), and 12 half-day group practica with Co-Leader(s)].
  • Note that the Group Practicum is an integral part of each Course and is included in the Course tuition fee.
  • There is also one-time materials fee of $50.
  • Class size is small.

Tuition Fees per Course (courses are paid for as you go):

  • Each 6-month course costs $1920 [for 6 full days with Barbara Forest + Co-Leader(s), and 6 half-day group practica with Co-Leader(s)].
  • A non-refundable deposit of $220 is due 1 month ahead of each course start date.
  • The remaining $1700 is due at the beginning of each 6-month course. No course refunds once a course has begun.
  • Students re-taking a Course to refresh or deepen their skills can do so for a discount of $720 off each course.

If you have need of a special payment plan or financial assistance, please discuss this with Barbara.

Lifespace reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule for insufficient enrollment or for other unanticipated reasons. In the case of cancellation by Lifespace, you will have the course fee and deposit returned to you.

Individual consultations and sessions with Trainers are an additional fee and are paid for as you have them. The number of hours are flexible according to your need and the level of skill you wish to obtain.

Individual Tape Consultations with Barbara Forest:

  • You bring in tape-recordings of your counselling work with fellow students or clients, for feedback and to demonstrate your skills.
  • You do not have to do these, but they are essential for truly developing in-depth counselling skills.
  • These are required, if you wish to obtain Certificates of Counselling Skills Acquisition: Basic Level for year 1; Advanced Level for year 2.
  • 7.5 hours minimum (five 1.5h-sessions) per year (more hours if needed to show skills acquisition).
  • The cost for this per year for 7.5 hours (at Barbara’s discounted rate) would be: $144 X 7.5h = $1080 (5 sessions @ 1.5/h).

Individual Personal Counselling Sessions (and 1-to-1 Tutorials in the Skills):

  • It is very beneficial to have a few personal sessions with Barbara Forest, &/or a Co-Leader, &/or with other Lifespace Counsellors.
  • This is a chance to do deep personal work with experienced counsellors (at their discounted rate).
  • The tutorial part involves discussing the processes you have just experienced.
  • Barbara only does 1.5h sessions, as a minimum length, so that a lot can be accomplished, and to be efficient with her time.
  • Her discounted rate for Lifespace students is $144/h (her regular fee is $180-200/h).
    Co-Leader fees are set individually, and vary from $40/h, and can be for 1h.
  • If you had, in a year, 5 personal sessions @ 1.5h with Barbara, this would be another $1080. (You will also have chances to work with her in class as a volunteer for a demo session.)
  • These can be supplemented or replaced by sessions with Co-Leader(s), though you would benefit from having at least some sessions with Barbara.  Example with a Co-Leader charging $40/h: 5 one-hour sessions would be: $40 X 5h = $200.

You will also be practising each skill you learn with fellow students (in your monthly 4h Practicum with Co-Leader(s) and in Home Practice). A minimum of two 2-way Home Practice Sessions per month with fellow students is recommended for ideal learning (2 sessions as the helper, and 2 as the helpee). Along with skill development, this keeps your personal healing work ongoing.


  • Sending us the Online Application Form (no obligation). (Click on Online Application Form.)
  • Discussing your background and goals with Barbara Forest to ensure a fit. To set up a time, contact her via
  • Attending a Free Seminar & Program Orientation (if possible).
  • Having a private counselling session with Barbara Forest (at her discounted Lifespace student rate) to experience personally the transformational processes.
  • Once you are accepted into the Program, you give a non-refundable deposit of $220 for the first course, and obtain your reading list, Training Manual, and Handbook (a one-time $50 materials fee).
  • Note that a non-refundable deposit of $220 is due 1 month before each subsequent 6-month course.